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About Rosie May

A little info about myself. I was born allergic to dairy so I have forever had some food challenges. Approximately 9 years ago, I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity which added to more changes in my overall diet. I was absolutely clueless on what gluten was and completely confused with what I could or could not eat. So through lots of trial and error with meals, I have been perfecting simple and delicious gluten free and dairy free recipes. All of this led me to create Rosie May - Gluten Free Dairy Free. Believe me, I am no chef (I am actually an engineer) so these recipes are easy enough for anyone to make! My goal is to help you find simple recipes to make for yourself, for significant others, for family events, and even for tailgates! Hope you enjoy the helpful tips and recipes as much as I do!

If you enjoy the recipes, please follow my Instagram @gfdf.RosieMay

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Rosie May - Gluten Free Dairy Free

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